6 Ways To Promote Fiverr Gigs

Fiverr is the best marketplace to find cheap services. Freelancers can sell any kind of service explaining their offer in a gig description. A gig must follow some rules to get the most attention and gain visibility.     But, this is not the most important thing. Thousands of freelancers sell the same services, but only some of them get visibility and sell inside Fiverr. All the others don’t get any sales. Is like Google. We try to find what to do to gain our SERP according to some keywords.

We don’t know exactly how Fiverr index the Gigs. But we have to work on some facts.

-Gigs gain visibility when sell.
-Gigs gain visibility when earn positive feedback. (Get reviews)
-Gigs gain visibility when we get outsource traffic to Fiverr.

The conclusion is always the same. No sales, no views.

The only way to start gaining visibility is to make some sales and get best reviews. And this happens at the beginning only outside Fiverr.

I will share 6 ways to promote your Gigs. This is what I did to succeed raising my views and -as a result- my sales.

6 Ways to Promote Fiverr Gigs

Create Your Blog Or Website
List all your Fiverr Gigs to Your Personal Blog and share them through your blog. People always want to personalize Gigs and see who is behind. So boost your image and brand name, and let them know what you offer and how you can manage to complete it successfully.

Share Your Gigs To Social Media
Share Your Gigs to any social network you participate. It is very important to follow specific steps in different networks.
At Facebook, take advantage of Facebook groups. Become member into any Fiverr related group sharing your gigs daily.
For Twitter use #hashtags like #Fiverr #Fiverr_Gigs #Gigs #Microjobs to categorize and gain tweet’s visibility.
Gain your Gigs creating a related Google+ page under your G+ account
Pin your Gigs on Pinterest.
Share any post to all social networks. For example, share Your Google+ Page To Facebook and Twitter.

Create a YouTube Channel
It is very important to create a Fiverr Video for each Gig and upload it on your YouTube channel. Share all your videos to social networks.

Fiverr Gigs Directories and Forums
Find Directories and forums to submit, list or participate sharing your Fiverr Gigs. FiverrBox.com is a Fiverr Gigs Directory where you submit your Gigs and get indexed backlinks to Fiverr. Your Gigs also shared to FiverrBox Social Media.


List your Gigs to Reddit.com in the specific subdirectory.


Participate in forums like Digitalpoint.com or Blackhatworld.com and comment to related threads. The most important forum to participate and share your profile and your Gigs, is the Fiverr official forum.

Comment On Blogs
Blogs are mostly promoting profiles and services. Some blogs have much traffic. Take advantage of this traffic. Comment on most known blogs related to Fiverr or participate giving solutions to “How To’s” promoting your Gigs.

Promote Your Brand As Fiverr Seller
A person is behind every gig. People want to see reliable sellers behind nice services. Lately, the most important is to give confidence and security to the buyer. If you gain your personality, you gain people’s confidence to your services. They want to know who is responsible for what they pay and what finally get. So promote your brand using Fiverr’s profile script.

Follow these ways, and in the long run you will raise your sales. And the sales will get more sales. That’s the key.

Don’t lose your faith. At the end, you will succeed.

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